Glock 48


Glock G48 is the latest generation (Gen 5) 9×19 mm single-stack striker-fired polymer frame semi-automatic with a standard 10+1 capacity. It comes in three flavors: all matte-black, G48 Silver Slide with a silver slide mated to the otherwise black gun and, finally, the G48 MOS (Modular Optic System), featuring a slide pre-cut for red-dot sights, but does not include them. Of course, Glock offers them for sales separately or as part of a package with the G48 MOS.

The G48 compares to other Glocks such as the double-stack 15+1 capacity G19 or the double-stack 17+1 standard capacity G45. Capacity aside, the G48 is narrower and lighter and thus more portable.

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